Would We Be Friends? (quiz)

Take this quiz I made from 2015 to find out whether our minds would clash or not. For people that already know me, find out if 2015 me would have liked you! I have an updated ‘Would We Be Friends’ quiz–COMING SOON!



What School Label Are You? (Girls & Boys; quiz)

Here is another bonus post! Keep in mind that I made this as mindless entertainment and is 100% based off of STEREOTYPES. You may fit into the category you got or maybe you do not. Either way, hopefully, part of the description–rather than just the label–describes a little bit of you. Let me know how you like it as well as any quizzes you would like me to make for the future. REMEMBER: I only have two more left so if you want to see anymore, let me know! Other than that, enjoy.