‘Black Lives Matter’–What I Think

I do not exactly consider myself ‘well informed.’ Before I deleted my social media, I got my world news off of Twitter, as awful as that really is. However, now that I have deleted my Twitter–going on six months now–and gotten busier with school, I do not receive global or national information on a daily, or even weekly, basis. If I am being honest, I could not care less about that either. It seems as if nothing positive “trends” anymore, and who wants to focus on the negative? Regardless, I am well-aware of the ‘black lives matter’ campaign, in which recognizes harsh and unjust treatment of blacks by policemen, and pushes for equal treatment of blacks. Hence the tagline ‘black lives matter.’

At first, like usual, I did not have an opinion. I did not think negative treatment towards blacks was as big as it was and figured there was one or two minuscule incidents which set off this movement. Then, when I started to hear more about it, I sided with the discrediting ‘all lives matter’ tagline. Now, with the nation divided (as I hear but do not witness), I view this movement in a different light.

I always agreed with it; as seen with my ‘all lives matter’ side, I wanted to focus not on one group but on the whole. Today, I agree with the message but disagree with the movement. Let me explain:

Last time I checked, the 14th and 15th amendments granted all citizens–white, black, yellow, etc.–equal treatment under the law and these laws have not been repealed.

This movement is targeting racism. Racism still lives in America. People understandingly strive to deteriorate this from our society; but instead of focusing on the people, they are turning to the government. However, racism is not something you can run to your mommy about. We cannot force people to hold their tongues. The Bill of Rights makes it so we do not have to hold our tongues. And we will not. Good or bad, we have the right to speak freely (as long as it does not danger the public). Therefore, racism is constitutional. 

The government can and will do nothing to abolish racism. 

People cannot control people. There will always be someone who stands out from the crowd. Now, I am not defending racism by any means, but I am arguing that the government is not the right way to achieve equal racial treatment. So what is?

Well, I would appreciate discussing this question with various people so that I can come to a well-rounded conclusion. Nevertheless, just from individually brainstorming, I believe racism is something to be made aware of. So, I think the solution lies in speakers traveling to schools and institutions and such. All we can do is encourage people to own up to their wrongs and change their ways, and hope that they do.

My message is not to have faith in humanity, to lose faith in the government, nor to not fight for what you believe in; my message is to accept reality and fight for what you believe in, both logically and realistically. After all, black lives matter just as all lives matter, and we reserve the right to defend the people of our country, regardless of color.


My Thoughts on the 2016 Presidential Election

Oh, boy…

On Tuesday, November 8th, 2016, my AP Lang teacher predicted that the USA would be in a state of mourning the next day and it would be quiet. That was not the case at my school. I recall walking up to my friend and greeting her with a “hi” and the first thing out of her mouth was “so what do you think about the presidential election?” Literally, all people could talk about on November 9th was the presidential election. It was annoying.

The most annoying people, though, were the ones SOBBING over Trump’s election and/or threatening to move to Canada. And to that, I say: Okay, bye! Move to Canada!

Why am I so heartless, you may ask? Well, for one, Trump is not even in office yet. He has not done anything. I believe everyone deserves a chance, and Trump is no exception. Also, Americans seem to be forgetting that the president is NOT a king. Trump will not have absolute power over the government. He is just another factor in the checks and balances system. I know that the government is mostly republican now, but elections for representatives are coming up and participation is key. But even if the branches stay republican, people will voice their concerns and, if the government is smart, they will listen. And if not, there is another election in 4 years.

Two, no real American would move to Canada over this. Any person threatening to move is immature and unneeded in American society. The USA is full as it is. You do not want to live here? Okay. Bye. THINGS WILL NOT ALWAYS GO YOUR WAY. This is one of the first lessons you learn as a child. But you are an American citizen, which means that you have an obligation to your government and its leader. You do not like Trump? Suck it up. You have 4 years to cry about it–maybe 8, depending on how the next election goes–and then he is gone. As an American citizen, you have to trust in your country’s leader. He only wants what is best for the country; he just sees the road that will get us there differently than half the nation. So you want to move to Canada? Move to Canada. You will not be missed.

Unfortunately, I have another issue with the outcome of this election: separation of the nation. We cannot let our different points of views separate us; that is what compromise is for. We are literally called the UNITED States of America, and we are acting completely ununited. We work to be role models for all other countries, but how can we be role models if we cannot decide on the way to be a role model? Honestly, I have no idea why it is so hard for people to compromise. STOP TRYING TO CONVINCE PEOPLE THAT YOUR VIEWPOINT IS THE CORRECT VIEWPOINT BECAUSE I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU: IT IS NOT GOING TO WORK. You cannot change every single mind in the nation; it is not possible. We all agree that everyone has a different personality and we accept that, but we do not agree on or accept that people think differently. Why is that? I have no idea. I figured that out and I learned to compromise a long time ago. It is life skill everyone must learn. I mean, why do you think our founding fathers created the checks and balances system and why do you think it has worked for so long? Compromise works. In a compromise, everyone wins. For example, on the topic of abortion, my friend is pro-life and I am pro-choice. She came up with a compromise: Abortion is illegal unless a pregnancy is caused by rape, could harm the mother, or is at a point where the baby is not a baby yet. That way you would not be harming a life but also would not be stuck giving birth to a baby you did not ask for. Everyone wins. But do I 100% agree with this comromise? No, because I am pro-choice. However, it is a compromise I am willing to make in return for peace. Let this be a lesson for every single person out there, including those not living in the USA.

Here are some other rants I have:

Why are people not affected by Trump’s election sobbing over it? YOU ARE EUROPEAN. NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO YOU SO WHY ARE YOU CRYING? Europeans are not the only group he likes, but I just used them as an example. But also, like I mentioned before, he is not in office yet and you do not know what he is planning to do and what he is actually like as a person. The 2016 Presidential Election was a dirty one, and Trump had to do what he could to promote himself and demote Clinton.

People constantly during the election–the entire thing–were bringing up things Trump and Clinton said and did in their past–AND PEOPLE WERE ACTUALLY ANGRY ABOUT IT. I mean, give me a break! Are you seriously hanging on to that thing Trump tweeted 10 years ago?! Am I the only one that finds that absolutely ridiculous? Well, you know what? When I was eight, I told a girl to go to hell. Do you know how many people hate on me about that today? ZERO! Why? Because I said that eight years ago. I am a totally different person now. And do not think that nobody knows about that because I have told my friends but they just laugh and move on because they know I would never say that now. Yes, the things Trump said were horrible–I am not denying the fact–but he is a different person now. Could he be worse? Maybe. But we have not given him the chance to prove or disprove that theory. People hate when other people bring up their past because it is no longer applicable to them, so why are we doing that to our two presidential candidates?

I get that you want a woman to be president. I do too. However, I think almost everyone in the USA can agree that Clinton is not the best candidate. If we want to model that women can be successful leaders, we should wait for a woman who we believe will be successful. Think about it: if Clinton were to be elected, she would go down in history as the first female president. However, if Clinton did not accomplish anything in her presidency or caused rebellion, history books would have a lot more to say about her and so would everyone living in the time period. If she got elected and everything went wrong, people’s thoughts that women could not make successful leaders would be confirmed and American citizens would be more closed-off to the idea of a female president in the future. You should not base your vote off of the gender of the candidate. You should base it off of the candidate’s policies and beliefs.

Clinton: Stop telling us about your granddaughter’s birthday and whatever other mind tricks you have up your sleeve. I rolled my eyes at those parts because I thought it was unprofessional. Also, you are running for president! Would it kill you to smile?

Trump: STOP INTERRUPTING PEOPLE. Anyone that knows me knows that interrupting people is my #1 pet peeve. I think it is RUDE. The only way I can be okay with it is if the person realizes what they did and apologizes, then refrains from repeating their actions, a thing Trump did not do. I get that you disagree with what Clinton is saying, that she is lying or misinterpreting something you did or said, but yelling out “wrong” and “no” or going off on a rant WHILE SHE IS TALKING is immature and there is no place for that in the white house. I appreciate your passion for your beliefs, but you need to learn to listen, respect, and compromise. If you did that, I believe it would deteriorate some of the hatred people have for you.

Nonnegative thoughts I have:

It was fantastic to see how many more voters turned out for this election and, hopefully, this inspires future elections. Even if it is not apparent, your vote counts. Thank you to anyone who voted despite the weak presidential candidate options. (Voting is a civil responsibility–not required but encouraged!)

I thought the third party (I forgot the leader’s name) who beat out Clinton in Utah was HILARIOUS (sorry, Hillary).

It was really interesting to see Florida turn republican for this election along with many other states. If you look up the map to see which states voted democratic (blue) and which states voted republican (red), your eyes will be blinded with all the red. This just goes to show that our elections are unpredictable and the government really is in the hands of the people. The silent majority pulled through, and that is how Trump was elected.

This is a lesson for all of us:

  1. If you want to see a change in the government, vote (no matter how much you do not want to).
  2. There is always a chance that your side can win.
  3. People are willing to listen to your side. Do with that what you will.
  4. We need to set goals for our nation. What do we want to accomplish? What are our priorities?
  5. We need to make a list of qualities we want in a president. How about in the next election we focus on the candidates’ qualifications and policies rather than their personal life?
  6. We need to be willing to compromise.

So I will continue to laugh at people pretending to joke about moving to Canada, but inside I will be open-minded towards what is yet to come from Trump’s presidential term(s).

I am willing to talk about my views and beliefs. If anything I said left you with questions, comment them below and I will answer them. Also, if you interpreted things differently than me, feel free to respectfully discuss that in a comment. I am really tired of talking and hearing about this election, but I needed to get this off my chest; so thank you for your time!