I Styled the Same Piece For a Week | Fashion Tips

I bought these adorable black cargo capris at JcPenney and could not wait to wear them! Sometimes a piece seems like it can only be worn as a lounge-piece or dressy accent, so in hopes to break the cliche and inspire fashion-lovers, here are seven ways I styled my black cargo capris:

**If you like anything I wore, scroll to the bottom of this post and check to see if it is still available**

1)  Jackets are part of the outfit too!

When I applied to all colleges on the East coast, I knew I needed to start buying jackets and sweaters to wear over there (I had like five and they were not warm). For the longest time I hated jackets because I hated wearing more fabric, but I get easily cold, so I knew I needed to accept it. Luckily, as I got into fashion, I realized that jackets are a part of your outfit. This made shopping for them fun. The jacket I am wearing in the picture below is the raspberry zip hoodie from Avril Lavigne’s Abbey Dawn collection. It is a fun bright pink acid wash color with white punk details. I love that it is fashionable while also functional. Zip-up hoodies are my all-time favorite, because I can wear them unzipped, zipped halfway, or zipped all the way depending on my mood, the temperature, and how I want to style my jacket with the shirt underneath. In this look I am wearing nothing underneath my pink jacket (except my bra, of course), and styled it to be a statement, lounge-wear piece.

Outfit 1


2) Have you ever tried fingerless gloves?

Well, you should! Not only do they keep your fingers (and arms, if you have long ones like mine) warm, but they are fashionable, too! Since mine have both stripes and skulls decorating them, I toned down the rest of my outfit. I could not resist adding the belt, though! (Also, relating to fingerless gloves, I love them over regular gloves because I can do normal things easily such as opening doors. I highly recommend them.)

Outfit 2


3) Cute in Cold Weather!

Okay, so it might be summer, but this hotel is COLD! Plus, who is to say capris cannot be cute in cold weather? There is minimal color, but the cheetah print keeps the outfit interesting. The black headband keeps your head and ears warm as well as continuing the black theme through every piece of the outfit. I think the headband pulls the outfit together.



4) Perfect Under Long Shirts

The length of these capris worked well under my long plaid shirt. If I had worn shorts, or even mid-thigh shorts, my outfit would have looked either slutty or like at-home-wear. With pants/jeans, my outfit would be too hot for summer–maybe even fall–weather. However, with the capris, my clothes look like an outfit. They are also a good temperature.



5) Try Layering

When you are in a fashion slump and the weather gets cold, layer! Take a not-so comfortable jacket that you think looks awesome on you and stick a comfortable and warm underneath. This look is half-edgy, half-soft. It is a nice balance. This way, you can keep your style and stay warm at the same time!



6) Simple Tee

Keep things simple and wear a tee. You can dress it up or keep it dressed down; either way, it works!



7) Sporty meets Casual

I could go hiking in this outfit or go grocery shopping. The capris–rather than spandex or leggings–allow you to make the outfit go in whatever direction you want. Be creative! You can wear an active tank top with dangling earrings instead or embrace the active look and wear running shoes.



Pieces I Wore:

Black Cargo Capris: http://www.jcpenney.com/p/arizona-poplin-crops-juniors/ppr5007246400?pTmplType=regular&catId=SearchResults&searchTerm=juniors+black+cargo+capris+arizona+jeans

Rasberry Zip Hoodie: http://abbeydawn.fanfire.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/Store.woa/wa/product?sourceCode=ABDWEBWWUSD&sku=ABD63600

Striped Skull Fingerless Gloves: http://www.mrcostumes.com/Halloween-Accessories/Black-and-White-Striped-Fingerless-Gloves-with-Skull-Print8787.htm (they come in white, red, purple, and pink)

White Studded Belt: http://www.hottopic.com/product/white-faux-leather-3-row-pyramid-stud-belt/10864340.html

Purple Racerback: Not available

Deer Valley Black Fleece Headband: In store purchases only

Cheetah Print Juicy Couture Vest: I do not think it is sold anymore at a store, but…



Black Tank Top: https://www.macys.com/shop/product/planet-gold-juniors-racerback-tank-top?ID=2723369&CategoryID=60983&LinkType=&selectedSize=#fn=sp%3D6%26spc%3D3326%26ruleId%3D105|BS|BA%26slotId%3D308

Blue & Yellow Plaid Button-up: Not available

White Infinity Scarf: Not available

Blue Sweater: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Hanes-Women-s-Essential-Crewneck-Fleece-Pullover-Sweatshirt/52380654?variantFieldId=actual_color (I am not positive but I am pretty sure this is it)

Black Leather Jacket: Not available

White & Purple Striped Tee: Not available

Pink Baseball Cap: Not available (I bought it in the Wilderness Aware rafting store in Colorado)

Tie Dye Lake Tahoe shirt: Not available (I bought it in a random store in Lake Tahoe)


Fashion Tips w/ Pictures!

When you are running late, in the middle of figuring out your personal style, and/or looking for ideas to help improve your fashion sense, you can be persuaded by anything and anyone. However, ultimately whether or not you take the opinions people put on the internet is up to you. Here are some of my personal, quick tips for fashion based off of a random week I took pictures of myself:

1)  Wear a long-sleeve shirt under a short-sleeve
Have a short-sleeve shirt that is see-through or do not feel like wearing a jacket a certain day? Put a long sleeve shirt under it! If your shirt has a pattern, like mine, then I recommend wearing a solid-colored long-sleeve shirt. If your shirt is solid-colored, wear a pattern under it! This tip automatically makes you look like you put more effort into your outfit than you actually did. Plus, it is cute, comfortable (feeling and temperature-wise), and saves you from having to wear a specific bra under a see-through shirt. Obviously you can dress this down–as I did–or dress this up, but either way, I think it is helpful to know.

2) All black always works
There are many tips I could give you based off this one outfit, but I thought I would–for this post, at least–point out the most basic yet conspicuous one. If you have no idea what to wear one morning or are running late, wear all black. You can make it cute by wearing things that fit you well (like my jeans, for example). In addition, do not wear joggers–unless you are going to wear something more tight-fitting like a tank top on top. I think pairing something tight with something looser balances out your body–as my sweatshirt and jeans do for me. But black matches everything, so you never can go wrong with it.
Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 3.08.19 PM.png

 3) A pop of color does wonders
I happened to be wearing mostly black in this picture, but the main color does not have to be black. Use whatever two colors you want, but make sure they work together. And it does not have to be perfect. My shirt has white on it and my shoes have gray on them, but the pop of maroon goes well with my mostly black outfit. The pop of color causes you to look put-together and thoughtful. It is definitely a quick and easy way to both look and feel good.
Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 3.10.11 PM.png

 4) Belt color = Shoe color
Once again, this is an outfit I could spit out at least 3 tips for right on the spot, but I will focus on one for now. I have actually heard this one before, but I have no idea where. From my experience, it works; you decide if it works for you. What people say is that if you do not know how to make things go together, make sure your belt and shoe colors match and you are golden. Without the belt and shoes, my outfit matches. However, I cannot go to school without shoes. Since my belt was black, I purposely chose black shoes and the theme in my outfit makes it look professionally-styled. My sunglasses being black was just a bonus! (You can probably tell by now that black is my go-to)
Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 3.10.35 PM.png

 5) The fit is everything!
My purse I think definitely adds that little bit to my outfit that is necessary if I want to be complimented. However, my shirt and jeans still look cute without it. Here is why: they FIT. I know this sounds crazy, but a lot of people do not know what fits them. Do not buy something just because it is inexpensive or popular or you are ashamed of your real size. Wearing clothes that actually fit you already make you look better; and once you figure out your body type (long torso or legs, curvy, straight, etc.), you can experiment with cuts and lengths and such. For example, my shirt is a little tighter and shorter than I usually go, but it is just the perfect amount so I do not look like my chest is going to rip the shirt apart or that my shirt is a crop top. Also, my jeans are boot cut, which is different than my normal straight up-and-down skinny jeans. They look a little awkward because they are a little long but they are the perfect length once I put on shoes. The purse is a nice pop of color (pattern, actually) and compliments the simple, laid-back look of it all.
Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 3.11.02 PM.png

6) Athletic-wear looks put-together
Whether it is simply a top or a bottom–or even shoes–athletic-wear is an easy way to look awake. The fit is always an important factor in any type of clothing, and that is especially relevant in athletic-wear. Color/patterns and what you pair them with is also super important, but wearing solids with patterns is always a good way to go.

 7) Holiday-wear is year-round-wear
I know this sounds crazy, but I seriously do this and love it. Half the time, nobody notices anyway. For example, in the very first picture of this post, the green shirt I was wearing under why white-and-purple striped one was actually a Christmas shirt. There is a silver tree in the middle of it (you obviously cannot see it because I was wearing a shirt over it). The main purpose of telling you this is that you do not have to just wear holiday shirts during the season–you can cleverly pair them with anything at any time of the year! I seriously love this because I hate seeing those few shirts waste away at the top of my closet. Now they do not have to! In addition, I love skulls and so, even though this shirt barely passes for a regular/non-seasonal shirt, I have one that is all gray and black with skeletons on it and striped white and black sleeves, and I can easily wear it under a short sleeved shirt or alone and no one notices. Granted, skulls are a part of my style, but that just shows what you can do with shirts that you think you can do nothing with. (I guess another idea would be wearing them to bed, but I have specific things I wear to bed and would never do that so I did not want to take time adding it in–kind of like I just did…ironic.)
Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 3.12.01 PM.png

That is all for now! I have many more fashion/beauty tips, so let me know if you would like any more. Is there anything specific you would like to see, related or not related to this post? Remember that to contact me, all you have to do is fill out the form in the ‘contact’ tab of this website. It only takes about 2 minutes! As always, thank you for your time and have a great day!