DIY Organizational Boxes Made From Paper & Sharpies

If you are looking for a cheap, easy, functional, and cute organization tool to divide up cords, pens, cards, keys, and any other knick-knacks, you have come to the right place.

There are literally two steps in this DIY: 1) Make the box, and 2) Decorate. Of course, though, my inference is that you have no idea how to make the boxes; that is what the majority of this post is about. And do not worry–I learned to make these boxes in sixth grade, so they are not hard!

DIY Box:


  • Paper (notebook, graph, construction–whatever you have lying around!)
  • Sharpies or whatever you want to use to decorate (stickers, ribbon, etc.)



1. Fold your paper hot dog style twice.


2. Unfold the paper completely, then fold it hamburger style once.


3. Unfold the paper again, then–with the shorter side towards you–individually pull the opposite edges of the paper inward so that they touch the center, and fold them  down.


4. Individually fold down each corner into a triangle shape using the lines made by the folding you just did, so that what was the top part of the corner is now aligned with the crease closest to it. (It sounds confusing, but just look at the picture.) There has to be extra paper below the corners. If there is no extra paper, you did it wrong.


5. To hold these triangles in place (they are going to function as the corners of the box), use the extra paper below the set of two triangles and fold both of them over their corresponding set.


6. Put your hands in the opening between the two sides you just folded, and gently pull upward. You will see the box forming. It will not stand up either at all or very well, though, until you re-crease all your folds. (Do not take the box apart. You do this as it is, in box form.) When you are done, your box’s shape should hold well. It is paper, though, so if it makes you nervous or if your box is acting up, feel free to tape the corners. (I did not do that because I wanted to put mine in a corner of a drawer [hard surfaces] and next to other things that would hold it in place–like another box.)


If any of this is still confusing for you, try watching this tutorial video I made:

7. Decorate!




These boxes work great as bedside trays, desk bins, and drawer dividers. They can hold a surprising amount of items. However, if you want a bigger size, use bigger paper.

I love that they are so resourceful, helpful, and customize-able! What do you think?

BloBo1.JPG      BloBo4



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