Deep Freeze by Lisa Jackson Book Review


I picked up this book from the mystery section of Half Price Books because the story line (as communicated to me through the summary) and possible horror aspect of it intrigued me. I was not disappointed.

The story was well thought-out and the characters well-developed. I could not guess the killer until Jackson revealed him to me!

The beginning was slow, but eventually started to pick up. I actually appreciated the slow start, thought, because it gave me a chance to get to know the characters, relationships, and setting. Plus, it made the escalation at the end all that more terrifying.

The killer’s POV was fantastic because it was both believable and disturbing. I kept wondering, “how can a person actually think like this?”

Jackson executed third person point of view in a way where it almost felt like first person. I enjoyed reading different character’s thoughts and digging through their mind so that I could better understand the characters. I did not feel shut out.

I appreciated Shane facing his fears at the end.

The only part of the book I did not like was the sex scene. It felt unnecessary. Jenna and Shane could have made out and that would have been enough.

I do not have much more to say. I just really liked it. And I ordered the sequel, Fatal Burn, the day I finished the book (yesterday).


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