666 Park Avenue by Gabriella Pierce Book Review

Overall, I enjoyed this book. However, there are a few kinks…

One: I bought this book because I found it in the “horror” section at a local bookstore. The only horror in it, though, takes place within the last 100ish pages. (AKA the book moved slowly.)

Two: The bulk of the book I spent following around a 24 year-old girl whom makes dumb decisions by ignoring red flags all because she is in love with her fiancé whom she dated for a whopping one month before moving in with him and his gigantic family in a different country she has never been to before. She also puts up with too much.

Three: I hate sex scenes, and there were two too many.

Four: The relationships (friends, family, romantic partners, etc.) were too predictable. I never predict anything unless it is obvious, and I predicted almost every relationship made.

Five: Third person point of view makes the story objective. I do not have much of a clue as to what goes on in Jane’s head–and frankly, I need to know why she does not take hints!

Six: Maeve and Harrison both seemed like irrelevant characters. The only way they would be relevant is if there is a sequel in which they play larger roles.

Now that those are out of the way, let us move on to the positives:

One: I loved the cliché horror setting. I do not care that it is cliché. I love big, abandoned houses in isolated locations!

Two: The twist with how the Grandma died totally got me and made for an interesting catapult into horror territory.

Three: Dee was a fun character. I appreciated her presence. She was the beacon of hope in a world of crazy.

Four: Jane’s manipulation of Charles and rescue of Malcolm, then departure from him at the train station shows what a strong character she is. She may have made dumb decisions throughout the novel, but she has got a brain! (Plus, she got herself a job even when her new family looked at her crazy because of it.)

Five: Pierce effectively incorporated foreshadowing into 666 Park Avenue, which added suspense as well as prepared the audience for what was yet to come. I still think she drew the “acting normal” part out to long, but I like the foreshadowing.

Six: There was a strong background story which was especially brought to life through Lynne.

Seven: I enjoyed it.

Sure, there were some flaws. It certainly is not a masterpiece, in my opinion. But, overall, it was well put-together and entertaining. I would consider reading a sequel (if one is to be written).


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